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Google's FaceTime competitor has become a hit success

The video call app Duo has reached a giant milestone in a short period of time.

At his I / O conference last year , Google drove a new app called Duo , a simple video call app a little in the same street as Apple's FaceTime. The app was released last August , and now, about a year later, Google may announce its popularity.

Google's Duo app product manager, Amit Fulay, recently announced on Twitter that Duo has now been downloaded 100 million times since its launch.

There is certainly no information about how many actually use the application on a regular basis, but the number is a good indication that users have appreciated Google's promotion.

Removes the redundant

Duo is designed specifically to make video calls as easy as possible, which means that Google has cleared all "unnecessary" snapshots and made the interface as minimal as possible.

The app does not require a separate account and allows you to start video calls with others in your contacts list only using the phone number and a single press.

The app comes with a feature that lets you see a preview of the caller before answering the call, which will provide an indication of what the call is about. According to Google, the app is further optimized in such a way that it will run without chopping and interruptions on even weak lines.

Duo is primarily a video application, but eventually the app also supported pure audio conversations, a feature that was rolled out globally in April of this year .