Dell's new laptop has a feature nobody else has

Wireless charging is in full swing into the mobile world, but the laptop is still hanging out. Until now.

Dell showed its Latitude 7285 at CES in January, and now The Verge reports that the machine belonging to the company's business machines is available for sale.

Charging Keyboard

The machine itself is a two-in-one variant where the wireless charge comes in the form of a separate keyboard and a corresponding charging mat. The downside is that the other Dell keypad contains its own 22 Wh batteries, while the wireless charger keyboard does not have it. You must therefore choose between larger batteries or wireless charging. The board itself has a battery of 34 wattimer.

The charging mat supplies 30 watts, which is slightly less than the wired 45 watt charger that comes with the machine. It also requires that the substrate is not metal. If you would like a metal surface desk, make sure that it is 50 millimeters with "insulation" between the table and the lath night.

Thin and light

Dell also claims that the Latitude 7000 series is the thinnest and easiest "Windows-based, commercial 2-in-1 machine." The tablet itself weighs only 0.68 kilograms, with a 12.3-inch screen with resolution of slightly unconventional 2880 x 1920 pixels. Dell provides a 1.7 kilogram total weight for the device with keyboard, which in itself is not very impressive for a 12-inch.

Inside, we find Intel's very powery Core i5 processors in the Y series, formerly called Core M, which we find in Apple's thinnest Macbook. It should mean that performance is not the big one.

Otherwise, the computers start on 8GB of RAM and 128GB of NVMe storage. The latter can be upgraded to 512 GB, the former is locked.

No wireless cargo in Norway?

Latitude 7285 is also available in Dell's online store, but the wireless charging is not mentioned with a word, nor is the charging night and charging keyboard available in the accessory department.

In the US, the machine starts at $ 1200, while charging keyboard and mat adds $ 549. That is why no cheap pleasure. In Norway, the cheapest configuration at the time is priced at 19,212 NOK exclusive of VAT. Then you get 256GB of storage, 4G modem, display pen and a so-called productivity keyboard with Nordic layout.

A blog post mentions that wireless charging is only available on the US market.