This is the new Atari game console

Most people who know game consoles have probably heard of Atari, who was a key actor in the game console's early era, but now a relatively low profile name. Now the company has really come back in the spotlight - with something as unexpected as a new game console.

The new game console is called Ataribox, and recently the first images of the machine were sent to stakeholders who have registered via email. The images were posted by users on the Reddit website.

Old fashioned design

Ataribox was first revealed in connection with the major E3 game in June. The revelation came in the form of button teaser video that did not contain the universe with details about the console. Atari writes in the message that was recently sent to stakeholders that the short video nevertheless led to tremendous response.

No technical specifications yet, but as the images suggest, the design is heavily inspired by the old Atari game consoles, which primarily involves taking the machine with distinctive wooden details.

Atari writes in the announcement published at Reddit that Ataribox will have continuous grooves around the entire box, as can be seen from the pictures, front panel of either glass or wood and indicator lights that shine through the materials. The connectivity options will include HDMI, four USB ports and SD card reader.

Two editions

Two editions of the machine will be launched, one of which will come in three and another will be an edition in the black and red colors. Atari boss Fred Chesnais has previously confirmed the existence of the console in an interview with VentureBeat , and then stated that the machine would be "based on PC technology." Beyond this vague description, the food is therefore uncertain.

For the sake of the sake, it is technically not the old Atari company that manufactures the machine, as the name has a rather complex history. Atari Inc, the original company, was founded by two Americans in 1972 and was a very influential developer who was known for famous titles like Pong and Asteroids, and of course the game console Atari 2600 .

However, the company was discontinued in 1984 after the major video crashes, and after a long period of time, the brand is today owned by the French holding company Atari SA, former Infogrames Entertainment, which, among other things, releases mobile games.

Below you can see the teaser video of Ataribox, and you can also follow the website if you are interested.