This is the world's fastest drone

We have seen quick drones before, but now a new model has appeared that has literally put new record in terms of speed. RacerX is the name of a drone who recently entered the Guiness recordbook as the world's fastest drone, reports The Verge .

During the record attempt, RacerX , developed by the Drone Racing League (DRL), held an average speed of 163.5 miles per hour, equivalent to approximately 263 kilometers per hour.

Reached 289 km / h at most

The dronning flew back and forth over a 100-meter area, and the speed of 263 kilometers per hour was the average peak speed achieved by the drunk on the two trips. However, the highest speed measured was at 179.6 miles per hour, equivalent to 289 kilometers per hour.

The developer of the DRL, DRL, is a professional droneracing team, and RacerX was thus designed to achieve the highest possible speed. According to the league's website, it has taken many months of trial and error, hundreds of broken engines and lots of dramatic casualties to reach the finish line.

Made fast paced video

The Dronen has a fairly traditional design with four rotor arms. According to DRL, the rotors handle up to 43,000 revolutions per minute, while keeping the drill at a relatively low weight of 800 grams. The RacerX dronen also has a camera that was used during the successful record attempt.

You can see the resulting, fast-paced video, and for more information about DRL and their work, check out the league's website. RacerX is judged to be built as an experimental drone that is not initially intended for the consumer market.